ESRI Desktop Associate

ESRI Desktop Associate 10.3 Preparation Guide

  1. Be sure to take the free samples questions from ESRI before going to exam

  1. Esri ArcGIS Desktop Associate Certification Study Guide covers most of the topics (except for ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online)

  1. Be sure to familiar with the following topics
    1. The difference b/t relate and relationship class, when to use which
    2. Temporal analysis
    3. Metadata style (FGDC vs. ISO19139)
    4. Overlay analysis and proximity analysis (union vs intersect, etc.)
    5. Geographic (datum) transformation
    6. Multiuser database (when to use, when/how to resolve conflicts)
    7. When to use Geometrics Networks
    8. Terrain dataset vs TIN vs LAS dataset
    9. Domain vs. subtype
    10. Clip data frame to shape
    11. Familiar with layout toolbar
    12. Dynamic text and data driven pages (index grids)
    13. ArcGIS online, the data it can import, and the access privileges
    14. ArcGIS Pro, be familiar with the interface and what are the basic functions for each of the tab
  2. Here are some useful links

  1. BE SURE to bring two photo IDs to take exam

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