Group Phone Coaching


For GROUP that has 2+ people
The coaching will include 45 mins training for the following topics the first week and 1 hour Q and A session the following week.
Group members will need to send the question list before the second coaching session.

  1. Job-seeking plan
  2. Job search preparation
  3. Networking
  4. Professional resume
  5. Portfolio
  6. Interview preparation
  7. Salary negotiation
  8. Certificate and licenses

The following materials will be provided for each group member
1) Best professional template to fit your background and general resume critique
2) General timeline for job hunting
3) Job application tracker and networking tracking system
4) Example interview question and example answers that will impress employer
5) Resources to find if employers hire H1B students and expected salary for certain position

2 people, $250/person
3 people, $225/person
4 people, $200/person
5+ people, $175/person

Please Contact Me to schedule the time.