CSV  Splitter

CSV  Splitterhttp://www.fxfisherman.com/forums/forex-metatrader/tools-utilities/75-csv-splitter-divide-large-csv-files.html.  Google earth can only deal with 2400 points.  If you are going to have more than that, you need this tool.  Sydney had ~90,000 water meters in Florida.

  • HINT:  A bunch of addresses might get kicked out.  If you see a pattern of mistakes, fix them in Excel. 
    • Example: Maybe your records say “TRC” every time that google earth would like them to say “Terrace”
    • Example 2: Maybe your database thinks it’s “Mc Nab Street” but google thinks it’s “McNab Street”
    • You are so !!!SMART!!! you can probably figure out what I am trying to say by now…
  • HINT 2: Save as KML, not KMZ because fusion tables kind of hates KMZ.

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